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Have you heard anything about these "blood moons"? I'm not sure if it's a Christian belief or Jewish but apparently there are 4 blood moons falling on religious holidays? And somewhere in the bible it relates that to the second coming? I feel silly even asking but I'm just so confused!

The Blood Moon occurring in a tetrad (four times in a year) is a special occasion, but it has happened before (the last time it happened was in 2003-2004). The significance of it happening on Jewish holy days could really not be that significant, because their holy days/calendar is based around full moons anyways. 

Yes, the world is totally going to crap which is basically a summary of all the signs of the end times listed in the Bible. But it’s important to remember the whole thief-in-the-night thing…no one is going to see it coming, and it seems like celestial signs might kind of counter that. 


I have heard a little bit about it. God does some crazy stuff with nature. Sun, moon, stars, they all point to His glory and His plan. 

User faith-is-not-blind commented: "The one thing that is clear about the second coming is that no one knows when it will be except The Father. Trying to predict it is foolish."

I agree. Here’s what we know about Christ’s second coming:

1) He will come again, [John 14:1-4]. 
2) There will be signs “of the end times” that show that his coming is near* [here’s a list of a lot of verses]. 
3) ONLY GOD knows when that day will be, [Matthew 24:36-37].

*(but also remember, our understanding of time does not always line up with God’s understanding of time, because we have tiny little human minds and His ways are way out of our league, [Isaiah 55:8-9]). 

All that being said, here’s what I think: 

We should always be on the lookout for God to do big things, with or without signs in the sky. He is a Great Big God and He does big things! This may or may not be a sign of something to come, but maybe it’s just another display of His power and majesty, God showing off His beautiful creativity!