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I volunteered this afternoon to be a practice subject for graduate students taking a class in Laryngoscopy/Stroboscopy. It was my first time being scoped, and it was pretty cool. (Actually, this is kindof sad to say, but it was the probably the best part of my day…I had a really long day.) Plus, I got a half hour observation credit for my observation lab. 

Four grads were in there with the professor who teaches the class (who is also my major advisor), and three of the four practiced on me. I kept gagging right when the first girl would get the camera into place, but the second and third turns were really easy. If/when I ever get scoped again (if I take that class, I’ll learn how to do it to myself!), I now know to just tell them to get a firm grip on my tongue (that’s awkward to write) because that’s the only way that worked for me.

There was a monitor across from me so I could see my vocal folds as I made the noises they instructed, and that was freaky-cool. Also saw my epiglottis and such. Like, what’s up larynx? My vocal cords are awesome, y’all. 

  1. neuteredfruit said: THIS IS SO COOL. I am extremely jealous, where do you go to school?
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