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Conversations with preschoolers.

B: Why do you got necklaces* on your teeth?

Me: They’re called braces, remember?

B: Oh yeah…why do you have them?

Me: My doctor gave them to me to fix my teeth. 

B: I want to get them on my teeth.

Me: They really are not very fun…ever.

B: But I want to get them.

Me: You may one day live to regret that statement, but maybe one day when you’re bigger your doctor will tell you that you need them and then you can get them. 

[He seemed pleased with this answer, so he moved on to the next topic.]

B: Who put on your watch for you?

Me: I did it.

B: Who put on your shoes?

Me: I did.

B: Who put on your shirt?

Me: …Do you know that I dress myself?

*They usually call them “bracelets”.